Wednesday, 1 September 2010

True Love

When our daughter was about fifteen, I took her to an archaeological dig next to our house where they had found a Phoenician city. One of the archaeologists caught her eye and it was love at first sight. She visited the dig several time to chat up this cute boy. She decided then and there that she would become an archaeologist. She watched for him as he drove to and from work but soon the dig ended and she didn’t even know his name but she was still in love. About six months later she and her father went to a concert and there was a very handsome singer in the band. Again, heart throbs and loves at first sight, no more thoughts of the archaeologist. Now her true love was a singer, she didn’t know his name but had been able to talk to him a bit. That was all we heard in the house for months, was about her singer. A few months later she went with friends to a bar and behind the bar was the most handsome man she had ever seen, so no more thoughts of her singer. All her efforts went into finding out who this bartender was. One day while driving in the mountains, Daniel and I got lost and ended up in an old cortijo. There was a very helpful and handsome young man there that told us how to get where we were going. Daniel and I said at the same time that he was perfect for Ami and couldn’t wait to get home and tell her all about him, by this time the bartender was just a thought in the back of her mind. We told her all about this young man and that we should get lost again so she could get a glimpse of him but she was too embarrassed. While exercising a horse for ANIMO she was thrown and had a slight concussion. We kept her walking and talking and one of our young volunteers took her for a walk in the field behind the house. After about an hour she came to her senses and found herself in a field of wild flowers staring into the eyes of the most handsome man she had ever seen. They chatted for a long while and then started to date and eventually ended up living together. He was the true first love of her life. As they got to know each other it became clear that the archaeologist and the singer and the bartender and the boy in the mountains were all the same young man that cared for her after her fall. Their lives eventually went in different directions but the strong friendship and love is still there today some fifteen years later. They keep in contact even though they live in separate countries. She wasn’t just falling for one guy after the other, even though she didn’t know it, it was the same young man the whole time. A true love story I think.